Irrigation System Design

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Irrigation Consulting, with its team of Certified Irrigation Designers, spends hundreds of man-hours on the design of every irrigation system. Our systems are designed with water conservation, energy efficiency and future maintenance and system longevity in mind. Designs are custom to every site, with design site visits walking the golf course included to make bid documents accurate. Our design work includes sprinkler performance modeling, hydraulic analysis, and wiring circuit design for a complete set of drawings

Bid Documentation

For an irrigation system installation to be bid and awarded cost effectively, documentation must be accurate, concise and thorough at the time of bidding.  Irrigation Consulting produces bid documents with great accuracy using state of the art GPS mapping, AutoCAD drafting and hydraulic modeling procedures.  All the necessary documents can be produced entirely from our office for bidding.

Construction Cost Estimating

The ability for clients to position available funding for an irrigation project is a product of accurate construction cost estimates from the professionals designing the irrigation system.  Irrigation Consulting has a reputation for producing accurate cost estimates at all stages of the design process.  Additionally, our designs are maintained within the budgets dictated at the onset of the project.

Project Bidding Services

In addition to the required documentation, bidding services are available from Irrigation Consulting, covering everything from contractor pre-qualification, pre-bid and pre-construction meetings to required addendum, bid analysis and review, price negotiation and final award notification.