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Water Source Engineering & Permitting

The heart of any golf course irrigation system is its pumping system.  Proper planning and design of a state of the art golf course irrigation pump station is crucial to the outcome of the entire irrigation project.  Irrigation Consulting is well versed in the engineering requirements of pump systems for golf facilities, and their need to deliver water to the system economically, at an acceptable rate under safe conditions.  Our firm has designed all types of pumping systems, specific to the site for which they were being installed.  Important safety features are engineered into the pump system, as its reliability directly affects that of the entire irrigation system. Other services offered related to pump systems include fertigation system design, pump house design and electrical service design.

Upon completion of an approved preliminary irrigation design, Irrigation Consulting can produce accurate, informative water use and supply reports for the proposed irrigation system.  This report outlines anticipated water usage for the irrigation system using multiple watering requirement scenarios.  In addition, this report outlines required pumping parameters to be designed as well as water supply information, storage capacity for the site, required water recharge rates, anticipated draw-down of existing water supplies and the expected watering window for operation of the system.

Our engineering staff can provide an array of Civil Engineering design and coordination services relative to Irrigation Water Resources and Infrastructure. We have extensive permitting experience around the country.