We Are Irrigation Consulting

Irrigation Consulting, Inc. is a professional services firm providing irrigation design and consulting services from our offices located in Nashua, New Hampshire and Huntersville, North Carolina. Irrigation Consulting is an international company, working with clients throughout the United States and abroad.  Irrigation Consulting was founded in 1988 in Massachusetts and has expanded into different markets to offer a wider array of services. In 1997, a branch office was opened in the Charlotte, North Carolina area to better serve our customers and the growing irrigation consulting market.

Since our founding, Irrigation Consulting has been dedicated to the efficient design of irrigation systems and their related components, with water conservation and energy efficiency as focal points. we have earned a reputation among our clients and professional colleagues for excellence in design, attention to detail and for innovative solutions to complex problems. Our practice is built on a foundation of long-term client relationships. Our firm has grown primarily through repeat business and client referrals in both the public and private sectors.

We Provide All Solutions Under One Roof


We spend the time with each of our clients, to discuss their needs and requirements, and make appropriate suggestions and recommendations.

System Design

The design of the irrigation system, the components selected and the overall system control, is vital to obtaining the most efficient irrigation system for the end user.


Our team is dedicated to meeting deadlines set by the client using all current technologies available. 

34 Years of Expertise in Irrigation Design and Consulting

Our experienced staff collectively brings over 130 years of irrigation design experience to our projects whether they be landscape, parks or athletic fields.